About Us
We as a family live on a homestead, at the foothills of the Alaska Range.
We have lived here almost 23 years in a log house. We have had many great adventures
and hardships ,in the first few years we lived here. We are settling into
our life on
the homestead. Have some niceties now and do many art's and crafts and
jewelry. We have a full wood shop and saw mill, we do our wood from the
to you, it is all hand done. Also have a full ceramic shop where we pour and paint
Also, Alaska Clay,we sell it to the gift shops here in Alaska. Over the years our family has supplied the gift shops up to as many as 15 and
then did a few craft
shows during the holiday season and the NENANA TRIPOD DAYS. Bringing our crafts online has been a a great joy. Donna has made me a fantastic site.
We have a son who was 25 this year. My daughter has came home,and of course the dog. We live a peaceful life. We appreciate the things that God has put on earth to use, and respect the beauty of all things.
The picture you see is on the way home from Nenana on the Parks Highway

The beautiful mountain range you see here is part of the Alaska Range."OUR HOME"



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