.....GRAPEVINES and BONEBEADS!..... Our popular grapevine dreamcatcher. Has been decorated with small amount's of green raffia, natural bone bead's, copper colored beads, and a oval concho. Along with natural guinia hen feathers, all make up our grapevine dreamcatcher.WITH IT'S SOUTHWESTERN FLAIR IT WOULD LOOK GREAT ON ANY WALL!!!
$ 49.99

..... DIAMOND WILLOW DREAM CATCHER .....Alaska Diamond Willow makes the hoop for this dreamcatcher!Our Alaska Artist does a great job of doing these, everyone is an original. With yellow turkey flats feathers,leather ties,yellow, white and black pony beads....
$ 19.95

SOLD #00056
DIAMOND WILLOW HOOP....DREAMCATCHERS! DREAMCATCHERS!.....You will see a lot of Alaska Diamon Willow hoops on my dreamcatcher's. This one is just the right size for the car mirror or window!! Decorated in blue turkey flats, and accented with black and silver pony beads.Our Alaska Artist done a great job. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A DREAMCATCHER THAT HAS THE SAME FEATHERS AND BEADS PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I CAN MAKE YOU ONE !!
$ 0.00

..... DIAMON WILLOW HOOP ..... This dreamcatcher is made with Alaska Diamond Willow for the hoop. Has saddle hackle feathers. Accented with blue and green pony beads. Diamond Willow is a natural tree that grows in the area we live,we get them in the spring of the year and bend them into a circle.Let them dry over the winter,then make the dreamcatchers. GREAT GIFT IDEA!!
$ 21.95

SOLD #00062
RED!! RED!! RED!! ..... DREAM CATCHERS IN RED....... This striking RED dream catcher has red,gold,and black pony beads. Makes it very bright with it's bright red turky flats.Dream catchers have a story to them, it will be included with the dream catcher. MAKE A GREAT GIFT IDEA!!! THIS ITEM IS SOLD IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE WITH RED FEATHERS ....PLEASE LET ME KNOW
$ 0.00

.....BEAUTIFUL PHEASANT FEATHERS..... Pheasant feathers are beautiful by themselves, but add them to Diamond Willow in this fabulous piece, along with the colored pony beads. You have a WINNER!!!
$ 23.95

Sunflower Dreamcatcher #00528
Look how cute this sunflower dreamcatcher is. Has alaska feathers and the little sunflower petals all around.
$ 25.99

Sunflower Dreamcatcher #00528
Look at this beautiful little sunflower dreamcatcher with its flower petals and feathers just right for any little girl.
$ 25.99

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