..... YOUNG LOVE!..... Makes a wonderful gift for the collector in your house. Hand painted. Done in acrylic paint,with spray sealer.
$ 39.95

.....SACAJAWEA.....All our pieces are done at our shop on the homestead, and then handpainted by our Alaskan Artist.I Handpaint each peice, so they are one-of-a-kind.Has a matte spray finish.Are not washable,just dust the dust off. VERY NICE FOR THE COLLECTOR!!
$ 59.95

.....MEXICAN COUPLE!.....This fine pair is from Mexico,when I was there on vacation I picked them up at the senior ceramic shop. Brought them home bisque. Painted them here in Alaska. There is only one set. Finished in acrilic paint and have a acrlic sealer. Will make the perfect gift for the collector of western decor.
$ 139.95

.....CHIEF SITTING BULL..... This hand painted Indian is a one-of-a-kind as the Artist of this piece, I have poured and painted many of these. They are never alike, all have there own personality. Chief Sitting Bull is one of my favorites to do.Chief Sitting Bull has been done in acrylic stains, and finished in a matte spray sealer. A very good start to a collection. Being in stain and a sealer, I would not wash him outright, use a slightly damp rag, I generally use a stiff paintbrush and just brush them off.
$ 79.95

......ROSES..ROSES..ROSES.....Our pillow vase has a great shape. The main color of this vase is done in grey flannel glaze. The decal is beautiful yellow rose's with,green leaves. Make the great summer time gift!
$ 19.95

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